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If you have been charged with sexual assault or domestic assault in Toronto we can help. You are probably wondering how you can make this all go away and you need answers fast. Fill in this form to request a free confidential consultation. You can also call us toll-free at 1-800-699-0806 or e-mail us at

Why Hire Kruse Law

Are you facing a sexual assault charge or you are charged with a domestic assault? Now, you need the right criminal lawyer to represent you in court. We are here to help. If you come to Kruse Law Firm, here’s what we can give you:


You have nothing to lose. During the consult, you will find out just where you stand. If you decide not to retain our services, you still walk away with solid legal advice.


Our firm is recognized as one of the leading sexual assault and domestic assalt law firm in Ontario by judges, crown attorneys and the public. Our lawyers focus on defending sexual assault and domestic assault charges and have decades of experience winning in the courtroom.


Kruse Law Firm has won the vast majority of the dozens of sexual assault and domestic assault cases we have brought to trial. If there is a way to win, the Kruse Law team will find it.


Three former criminal prosecutors are on the Kruse Law team. Our team knows the local judges, crown attorneys, the criminal law system, and the “tricks of the trade” on both the defence and the prosecution side. Together, the team can review your case and bring their unique perspective and expertise to the table.


We strive to keep our clients informed at all times regarding the strategy and progress of their case through consistent and timely phone, email and personal contact. We are here to listen to you and focus on your concerns. We also have multiple locations and lawyers throughout Ontario including Toronto so you don’t have to go far to get the legal expertise you need.


An important part of our legal defence service is to alleviate your stress. Our job is to help you through a difficult situation. We truly care about each client and their particular issues. As our motto says, “Tell us your side…we handle it.”

When you face a sexual assault charge or a domestic assault, our experienced team is ready to listen — all you have to do is give us a call.

If you are planning to hire a criminal lawyer, you want to make sure they are qualified to defend your interests. Here are some questions you should ask to help you make the right decision.