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If you have been charged with sexual assault or domestic assault in Toronto we can help. You are probably wondering how you can make this all go away and you need answers fast. Fill in this form to request a free confidential consultation. You can also call us toll-free at 1-800-699-0806 or e-mail us at

Our Mission

People make mistakes. Sometimes, they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and get caught up in circumstances that go far beyond their control. As a result, they may end up facing criminal charges such as a sexual or domestic assault and need someone on their side to step in and help them get that control back, and in some cases, get their life back.

That’s where we step in. Just because you are charged with something doesn’t mean you are guilty. This is an often over looked detail. People can get caught up in the moment. They are anxious, stressed, and worried and possibly even angry. Emotions are high.

Everyone deserves a break in life. That’s a big part of our philosophy toward law. We are here to help people — you, your family, friends, the people you love — to protect the innocent and protect the rule of law. It’s hard work, but it needs to be done. People need to know that they have someone on their side.

Many people turn to us when faced with sexual assault or domestic assault charges which are two areas we focus on. What really surprises people is the legal range of our firm; we have extensive experience handling any type of criminal offence. We are known as one of the leading sexual assault and domestic assault law firms in the province, but with our experience handling the full spectrum of criminal law offences, we are much more than just sexual assault and domestic assault lawyers. This means we can help more people who need it.

Over the years, people came to associate us with winning sexual or domestic assault cases. As we expanded our local offices from Windsor to London, then on to Kitchener and Toronto, people came to us when they needed to fight their sexual and domestic assault charges, and they still do. Even other criminal lawyers seek our advice regarding their client’s sexual and domestic assault matters. But you can count on us for so much more. Our team includes former criminal and drug prosecutors with extensive experience in both sexual assault and domestic assault case and all types of criminal matters. You won’t find a better qualified team to be on your side.

That’s one of the many things that makes our law firm unique — you have a team behind you. We always have multiple sets of eyes on every case we do. That added perspective means even the smallest details don’t slip through the cracks.

There are several details like that which make our firm unique, all ensuring you and your case get the attention they deserve. Every single one of our offices is completely interconnected and has the same systems and procedures, meaning every lawyer and office manager has access to all the same files, again reducing the possibility of missing those finer details.

In order to win our clients’ sexual assault or domestic assault charges, it’s the finer details that matter the most. Even after 27 years and thousands of cases, I get nervous and stressed before going into the courtroom. I may always be prepared, even over prepared, but I worry about what small detail may have gotten away. I think that’s another big thing that separates us from other lawyers. When our lawyers ‘step between the lines’ at 10 a.m. on the morning of your trial, we bring everything we have to the table and go to war to win your case. It’s better to overthink the case, rather than to have missed something. Too many lawyers fall into the trap of relying solely on their skills and experience, rather than their preparation and understanding of the client’s needs.

We want to hear your side of the story — every detail. Tell me your side….. we’ll handle it. That’s why we’re here.