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An assault is defined under s. 265 of the Canadian Criminal Code.  A person commits assault when without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly. Simply put, most assaults consist of a physical attack on another person without their consent.    A person also commits assault if he attempts or threatens, by an act or gesture, to apply force to another person, if he has, or causes that other to believe upon reasonable grounds, that he has the present ability to effect his purpose.

Domestic assault occurs when an individual causing the harm or fear is a spouse, family member or is in a personal relationship with the person he or she assaulted.    If you are charged with  a domestic assault, it is best to contact an experienced domestic assault criminal defence lawyer in Toronto,  Kitchener, London or Windsor to help you with your case.

The terms ‘domestic assault’ and ‘domestic violence’ are often synonymous. Domestic violence is a general term used to describe acts of violence like pushing, kicking, or punching and/or threats made to another person. The parties involved must be related or have a personal relationship.

Signs to Warn You of Domestic Assault

At the onset of a relationship, warning signs of an imminent abusive relationship may not be easily recognized.  Many abusive partners appear to be fine during the early stages. Behaviors that are controlling, manipulative, or possessive may not emerge overnight. Instead, they appear and intensify as the relationship becomes more substantial.

Domestic assault comes in many forms and may manifest itself in a relationship in unique ways.  However, there is one common trait all abusive relationships have in common – the need for the abuser to exert control and power over his or her partner.

To determine if you are involved with an abusive partner, look for the signs below.  He or she may:

  • Display high levels of jealousy if you spend time with your friends
  • Tell you that everything you do is wrong
  • Discourage you from spending time with your family or friends
  • Frequently demean or insult you
  • Insist on controlling every nickel the household spends
  • Look at or speak to you in ways designed to intimidate you
  • Control where you go or who you see
  • Put pressure on you to indulge in alcohol or drugs
  • Stop you from seeking an education
  • Prevent or discourage you from making decisions on your own
  • Insist you are a bad parent
  • Threaten your children
  • Damage property
  • Hurt your pets
  • Insist you engage in sexual acts you do not want to or are uncomfortable with

As you can see, domestic assault or domestic abuse does not have to strictly be physical. It can include emotional abuse, reproductive coercion, sexual abuse, and financial abuse.

Domestic Assault Criminal Defence Lawyers in Toronto, Kitchener, London and Windsor are Waiting to Help

Domestic violence can take place regardless of your age, race, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, or religion. If you are charged with domestic assault , contact Kruse Law immediately. If you have been falsely accused, Kruse Law has experienced domestic assault trial lawyers who can help you win your case.   Alternatively, if you committed a domestic assault and have no viable defence, Kruse Law will negotiate the lightest sentence possible and try and avoid a jail term.  In any case involving an assault, the punishment given is often related to the level of injuries sustained by the victim.  

Our experienced criminal defence lawyers are ready to help you defend your rights and ensure you are not only protected, but receive the best results possible. For a free consultation, click here or call our toll free number 1-800-699-0806.  Do not take any chances with your future. Call today so we can start working on your case.

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